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Branch Wall Update

OK, confession.  I am the world's slowest DIYer ever.  I know it and I'm admitting it publicly.  People start and finish entire bathroom renovations* in one weekend, and I... I take months to paint half of a wall.  But, it's a pretty wall... cool, even.  Right?

So, here it is.  The update.  I took a bit of a hiatus over the holidays, as you can see.  About a week before Christmas, I held that paint brush in my hand and said, "You're dead to me," before tucking it out of sight.

After New Year's, I found that little bristle, said I was sorry and took it out for ice cream.  There were tears and hugs.  In the last two weeks I've slowly picked away at the wall, filling in a branch here and there (I blame the SAD - seriously - don't ever let me start projects in the Winter: they'll never get finished).

And that about brings us to today.  In an effort to not let this project drag out too terribly long and to snap myself out of this Winter trance, I'm devoting the rest of today to painting this blasted wall.  Encouragement and brownies (with ice cream?) would be appreciated.

*HAHA - bathroom remodels!  I've got an update on one of those laying around here somewhere....

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