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Maria Wojdat :: Ceramics

Mm-mm!  Eye candy at its best!  London-based ceramicist Maria Wojdat creates these sculptural vessels using a method involving over-sized mortar and pestles.  Through this grinding and pounding, the clay begins to find its own shape, which is at once spontaneous and controlled.

Maria says about her work:

I make sculptural vessels - solid forms derived from observing our interaction with everyday domestic ceramics.  The element of colour is important - a warm, vibrant and joyful palette that has evolved and continues to evolve to echo the nature of the forms.

My work makes references to the bowl, investigating its use, symbolism and the nature of its containment.  The pieces are often placed in pairs or groups exploring the relationships between line, form and colour.  The groupings emphasise notions of coming together or moving apart, supporting or standing alone.

It's apparent that Maria has an incredible understanding of color and how to employ it in her chosen medium.  Her work is absolutely beautiful.  I would love to have a collection of her pieces, wouldn't you?  If you're interested, you can contact Maria directly for purchasing enquiries.

In the meantime, take a peek at the rest of her portfolio.

More pics after the jump!

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