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Did you see the one about the horses?

January is coming and that can only mean one thing. The Sundance Film Festival. The quiet, mountain town of Park City, UT will be ravaged by the ostentatious LA crowd. Women will parade down Main Street, teetering along in 4 inch heel boots made from baby wombats. Effeteness and hope will mix with steaming piles of pretentiousness. Utah natives will make the trek from the slow valley below for a chance to witness the circus. A smattering will actually go for the films. Breakthroughs and broken dreams, handshake deals and PR tricks: the indie oil that keeps the gears of Hollywood turning. Yes, Sundance is an opportunity for opportunists.

At least that's how I'm looking at it this year. Brady and I have enjoyed attending various Sundance screenings in the past and will certainly attend as many as we can afford this time, too. But in addition to this, I will be displaying 14 photographs at the Alpine Internet Cafe on Main Street during the festival. The cafe rents out its space as the PR headquarters for Sundance during the ten day spectacle/event. It's the place to go to pick up your little goody bags and other swag. The cafe will also be displaying lots of local artwork, which will be for sale. I'm excited for the opportunity. If you go, check it out. If you don't go, tell other people who might be going to check it out. If you know someone from LA that is going, tell them to check it out and buy all my photos. The Alpine Internet Cafe is located at 738 Main Street. They're friendly and totally not pretentious.

The 2008 Sundance Film Festival will run January 17 - 27.


Bla. Blank.  Blanket.

It's been snowing quite heavily for a couple days, which is a welcome treat. We had a bizarre snow storm in September and then nothing. It didn't snow again until the last day of November. Since then we've had a lot of moisture - a good sign that maybe we'll squeak by again this summer and the State of Utah will not shrivel up and die just yet.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with the Kimball family this year. It was a relatively intimate gathering that came as a wonderful distraction to my current predicament. (I've been unemployed for about a month.) I was in charge of bringing the apple pie, and I must confess it turned out to be quite delicious! Here's a photo I took before it was consumed.

Mmm... I should have made two!

As you know, we've been doing some work on our house. It seems we've painted about all we can handle for the moment. I want to post before and after photos, but I think it would have a better impact if I waited until we finished the wallpapering and window treatments.. All we've got so far are the grey walls and the green accent wall - which by the way, is quite bright. We may or may not end up changing it. It has moments of greatness and then in certain lights it's a bit fluorescent seeming. Anyway, look for a post in the coming months that will unveil our new look.

Christmas is rapidly approaching and I must confess that this is the first time in many years that I've been excited for it. It may have something to do with having our own place and our first Christmas tree.

But mostly I'm excited to go home for Christmas. This will be the first time in.. years it seems, that all the Budds will be together for Christmas. Chenele, Mike, Emily, Anavey, Jason, Mandy, Saul, Mom, Dad, Brady, and me. I don't think it's ever been done. I'm really looking forward to it. My family is scattered throughout the west: Idaho, California, Arizona, and Utah, and we rarely get to see each other all in one place. It will be fun to spend some time together and enjoy this great holiday as a family.

I posted before about my hair extensions. Well, they lasted 3 weeks before I thought I might just rip them out myself. So I had Hillary take them out and give my bangs a little chop. Here's the new/classic me:



Baby, It's Cold Outside

While Brady and I are nowhere near ready to produce a child, I have many friends who are expecting or have recently had babies. This entry is dedicated to them.

Modern Nursery
They have awesome stuff.

Design Public
I really like Design Public and they also have some baby stuff for the modern parent to Oo and Ah over.

All Modern Baby
Also has lots of fun baby stuff.

Baby Geared
Awesome baby gear, like this rocking chair. I could definitely see myself hanging out in that thing, with or without a baby.

2modern has lots of neat things - even stuff for babes!

A modern baby/parenting blog. Has lots of great info and links!

Modern Mini
Lots of fun toys and this amazing high chair.

Cocoa Crayon
Sells these fun and cute knitted dolls by Bla Bla that I have purchased (locally) for both my sister-in-laws as they've had kids. Bla Bla also makes beanies, shoes, rattles, blankets - you name it. I love Bla Bla. Of course, Cocoa Crayon also sells lots of other stuff, too.

Jam Tart Baby
Lots of crafty, but modern hand-made baby items. Neat quilts.

Spiffy Baby

Modern Tots
I don't know if that's leather or not in that rocker, but I like the look of it. I also really like this "Seed" light.

Lots and lots of unique toys. They also carry Bla Bla.

Nest Please
Doesn't offer a lot, but there are some cute things you should check out.

Plain Mary
For the parent with a bit of humor.