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Some things I like II

I really, really want to get this wreath, but I don't think it would last very long where I live. I suppose I could keep it indoors during the winter and maybe hang it by a window or something. Anyway, it's beautiful and made entirely out of succulents. Check it:

Isn't it gorgeous?? Ah, man, I love it!

Since the holidays are rapidly approaching, we'll all be needing to, at some point, wrap a few presents. If you feel like going all out this year, may I suggest a couple paper suppliers for you to check out? The first one is Paper Studio. They have a great selection of unique papers that would be stunning on your gifts. Here are a few of my favorites:


The second paper supplier I would recommend would be Paper Mojo. They also have a great selection of papers that would be beautiful as gift wrap. Here are a few examples:

This is just a small sampling of what either supplier offers. Check it out for yourself! Also, let me know if you find any other unique paper merchants!


Crooked neck

I had been wondering for a while why no one ever left comments on my blog. So I checked my settings and saw that I had disabled comments! Sad! I like comments.. love them.. so please take advantage of this 'new' feature on my blog!

Moving on, I set up my aquarium last week and have been contemplating what to do with it this time. My last aquarium was a brackish water set up that housed 4 green spotted pufferfish. After some deliberation as to what sort of fish to get, I realized that I am totally in love with pufferfish. So today I took a spontaneous trip to my favorite merchant in the whole intermountain west, Aquatica, and purchased a Red-Eyed Pufferfish. She's darling. Brady and I decided to name her "Zippy".

Here's what a female, red-eyed puffer looks like:


This is what the male looks like:

I hope my little gal makes it.


You should try it.