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Archigram Archival Project

Oh. My. GOODNESS.  I think my brain, heart, and eyes just exploded from all this incredible imagery...!  A big thank you to my friend Kate for sharing this.

The Archigram Archival Project is the brainchild (and love child) of members of EXP, an architectural research group from the University of Westminster in London.  Their aim is to seek out and preserve the many works of avant-garde architectural group Archigram, completed mainly between 1961 and 1974.

There are literally thousands of images included in this archive thus far.  May I suggest you block out some time to browse through the collection - you won't be disappointed!

[Images: From the Enviro-Pill project, 1969 - "a speculative proposal for a pill for inducing architecture or virtual and imaginary environments in the mind."  WHAT!!]

[via Kate // via Aqua Velvet]


Habitat 825

How cool is this housing unit??  I looooove the color scheme (surprise, surprise)!  It's great to see such thoughtful and creative solutions for multi-family housing complexes.

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Food and Water House

It's really inspiring and encouraging to see modern homes designed with the idea of self-sufficiency in mind.  The Food and Water House by San Francisco's Studio Terpeluk positions a large vegetable garden just outside the kitchen, while cisterns located below the roof harvest rainwater, a geothermal cooling/heating system conditions the home, and clerestory glass with deep overhangs provide natural light without added heat gain.

The home boasts an impressive 2,200 square feet with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and a two-car garage, all designed to fit within a typical 60' x 120' suburban lot.

Plans for the Food and Water House can be purchased from Hometta, a collaborative of designers, architects, and builders determined to improve the residential landscape - one house at time.

Click here for more detailed info about the Food and Water House, as well as plans and images.

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