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MAIYA :: Big Announcement!

And by "big" I mean totally, insanely, awesomely huge. I hinted that I had some announcements in the pipeline for you and here they are:

1. Wrigley and I were featured on Dog Milk's "The Scoop" today! It's full of cute photos and secrets about Wrigley (like what his "real" name is/was). Go check it out! Also??

Are you ready?

2. I am super stoked to announce that, starting right this very minute, I am now the Managing Editor of Dog Milk! Surprise! YAY!! I'll be posting once a day about all things mod and dog, as well as tickling the Internet's fancy on Twitter and Facebook. Come say hi!

I'm also kicking off a new DIY column for Dog Milk and would love some suggestions for a sweet name! Some that I've heard so far include "DogIY", "Doggy-Do", and "Bow Wow! How?" -- if you've got a clever idea, let me know in the comments or over on the Dog Milk Facebook page!



Happy Weekend + Stylelist Loves Me!

What, what!  Apparently I'm hot, y'all.  Sizzling even.  According to Huffington Post-owned (!!!) Stylelist, I am one of five "Pinners to follow now" on Pinterest!  How awesome is that??  I am flattered to the core.  Thank you, Stylelist!!  Check out the article right here -- and -- check me out on Pinterest, too!

I've also been a busy little Internet bee! Here are some of my favorite posts from Curbly and Wantist to see you through the weekend.  Enjoy!


Check out this simple two-ingredient recipe for making your own dog treats!

Or, make YOUR own treats!  Here are three tasty ways to make macarons at home.

Perfect for a springtime garden party, these DIY gold confetti linen napkins are simply gorgeous!

In case you missed it, I'm sharing a step-by-step guide to DIY painted kitchen cabinets! You won't want to miss it.

I love this DIY gift idea: a birthday mail surprise!

This simple DIY cross-stitch necklace is modern and wonderful all at once -- a fun afternoon project, for sure.

Um, how awesome are these DIY neon rope vases??  I want to make a hundred of them!

And finally, don't forget to check out the BIG REVEAL of our kitchen makeover!


Meanwhile, I hope you all have THE most amazing first-weekend-of-spring!  Do you have any fun plans to celebrate the occasion?  I'm hoping to get out and enjoy our awesome 70 degree weather with the boy and the pooch... I can't wait!  Whatever you do, enjoy yourselves!  I'll see you back here on Monday.



Happy Weekend!

Happy weekend, Adventurers! I've had a fun-filled birthday week and I'm not slowing down--we're taking it into the weekend with even more celebrations.  Longest/greatest birthday week of my life?  Possibly.  And hey, look, I even managed to be productive.  Check out more of my Internet ramblings below and I'll see you Monday!

These DIY paint-by-numbers coasters are one of my favorite projects from the week!

I also really, really love this DIY zip tie lamp shade. For real. It's made from zip ties and it's awesome.

Oh, and let's not forget this fantastic paper craft: colorful DIY string-tie envelopes! I need to make some, STAT.

This might be the single greatest thing anyone has ever done to an Oreo cookie.

Looking for a little decor inspiration? Check out my roundup of 12 perfectly cozy and contemporary bedrooms!  Loads of eye candy, y'all.

This closet-turned-bathroom is one of the best makeovers (and uses of space) I've seen.

And speaking of makeovers, this row house makeover is absolutely jaw-dropping!


Happy weekend!