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Modernist Cross Stitch :: Teanut

The irony is somewhat palpable, don't you think?   Modern cross stitch designs from Etsy seller Teanut reference the Dons of modernist design: Le Corbusier and the Bauhaus school of thought.  For the fickle kind, "Corbu" can be spelled out in full, if you really want - contact the seller.

Modernist Cross Stitch from Teanut: $95


Hexagon Mirror Set :: IKEA

The HÖNEFOSS mirror from IKEA is a set of 10 hexagons in two shades of brown.  This mirror is modular, so you can add to it and arrange how you please.  I love the idea, but I'm not wild about brown.  If only this were available in a regular mirror finish!

HÖNEFOSS mirror from IKEA: $14.99 / set of 10


Fire Candlestick :: Anna Kraitz

These porcelain candlestick holders by Swedish designer Anna Kraitz remind me of bits of coral or some unknown, alien plant life.  Whatever their inspiration, I love the slightly odd, organic shape.  Available in dark green, light green, white, and red.

Fire Candlestick by Anna Kraitz: $40