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Leah Singh :: Modern Pillows

These bold, hand-embroidered pillows from designer Leah Singh are my newest obsession!  Combining traditional techniques with modern, geometric patterns is always a winning approach, you guys.  Always.

LINK: www.leahsingh.com

Psst: You're in luck! These pillows are currently on sale at Fab.com* for 50% off. Tap that!

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Axis Clock :: Howkapow

Hello, gorgeous! This solid beech clock gets its isometric perspective through the orientation of the wood grain.  Pretty snazzy, right?  I love a little bit of optical illusion mixed in with my decor.

Axis Clock from Howkapow: $95


Geometric Nesting Dolls :: Rebecca Kemp

These are, quite possibly, the coolest nesting dolls I've ever laid eyes on... they may even be the coolest nesting dolls in the history of nesting dolls...

I think it's safe to say that Rebecca Kemp just made my year.

Geometric Nesting Dolls by Rebecca Kemp: $73

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