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United Measures :: Modern Picture Framing

For the amount of art I share on here, you'd think I'd have some awesome picture framing posts too.  But I don't.  Why?  I don't know, maybe picture framing is boring?  (I even worked at a framing place for a couple years and can tell you that the excitement level is pretty low.)  Sure, hanging stuff in cool ways is, well, cool (check out my friend Megan's weekly "Display Thursday" series for ideas).  But the frames, man, the frames.  BORING.  Until now, that is.

Enter United Measures, an Australian fine art frame fabricator (say that 10 times fast).  They build their frames by hand, with tender love and care, and include subtle embellishments like hand-tinted joinery details.  Talk about craftsmanship!  These guys are the real deal.

Check out more of their fine, fine work right here.  While you're at it, stop by The Design Files for a great interview with Ryan Ward, the one man band behind United Measures.

LINK: unitedmeasures.com

More pics after the jump!

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