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Mike Hindmarsh :: Ply Collection

Oh, yup. Just checked and I'm totally loving this plywood table and stool collection from designer Mike Hindmarsh.  Sold individually or as a set, this modern dining furniture ships flat for easy (and more cost effective) transportation from his studio in New Zealand to your home in, well, whatever part of the world you live!

Ply Collection by Mike Hindmarsh: $220 - $785


Slim Collection :: Room&Board

Christine Martinez, my style soul mate and awesome sauce blogger, shared this new collection from Room&Board on Pinterest recently.  I think you can see why I flipped my lid about it, yes?  The collection includes coffee tables, desks, side tables, consoles, and shelving - all solid steel and all available in 10 powder coated colors.  That's definitely lid flipping material right there, folks.

Slim Collection from Room&Board: $119 - $559


Grandpa Henry Collection :: Cloth Fabric

Grandpa Henry must have been a pretty swell guy to have an entire collection of home furnishings named after him.  Either that or he had an obsession with blankets: each piece is upholstered by hand from upcycled wool blankets and raw linen.  Even the pillows and lampshades are covered in the same cozy wool!

Check out the whole collection on Cloth Fabric.

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