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I'm Back + ICFF 2012

Hey, remember how I said I'd "see you Wednesday" and now it's the Tuesday after? Man, I'm sorry about that. Coming back from ICFF left me playing the catch-up game hard core and even included an inbox/whale carcass exploding incident. It was messy. BUT! I'm back! And ICFF was awesome:

I met and hung out with so many cool people!

I saw lots of cute dogs!


I had dinner with awesome people!

I saw tons of incredible designs!

I got a fake tattoo!

I stayed with one of my favorite people ever!

I even got to meet Jonathan Adler (OMG)! OMG.

Like I said, it was awesome. If you get a chance, go! You can also see loads more photos from this trip (and all my other adventures) on Instagram at CapreeK.

Meanwhile, I'll be back to regular posting this week!


1. Amy from Old Sweet Song 2. Morgan from Ampersand Design Studio 3. Aimée Wilder 4. Jaime from Design Milk 5. Delaney Light Works 6. Christopher Poehlmann Lighting 7. Grain Design 8. Jeni Tu


MAIYA x LEIF :: Giveaway Winner!

Thank you to all who entered the MAIYAxLEIF giveaway, tweeted, and showed us your love on Facebook! I'm excited to finally announce the winner... are you ready??

After running all the entries through Randomizer, the winner is...

Molly, whose favorite card was the "You're a Treat!" card. Congrats Molly!! I'll be emailing you soon. :)

Thank you again for entering and many, many thanks to LEIF for sponsoring such an awesome giveaway! Be sure to check out all the goodies in their shop -- they just added a bunch of new items for spring. Hooray!

And of course, happy Monday!



MAIYA :: Big Announcement!

And by "big" I mean totally, insanely, awesomely huge. I hinted that I had some announcements in the pipeline for you and here they are:

1. Wrigley and I were featured on Dog Milk's "The Scoop" today! It's full of cute photos and secrets about Wrigley (like what his "real" name is/was). Go check it out! Also??

Are you ready?

2. I am super stoked to announce that, starting right this very minute, I am now the Managing Editor of Dog Milk! Surprise! YAY!! I'll be posting once a day about all things mod and dog, as well as tickling the Internet's fancy on Twitter and Facebook. Come say hi!

I'm also kicking off a new DIY column for Dog Milk and would love some suggestions for a sweet name! Some that I've heard so far include "DogIY", "Doggy-Do", and "Bow Wow! How?" -- if you've got a clever idea, let me know in the comments or over on the Dog Milk Facebook page!