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Holiday Trees Download :: Kate Banazi

As if I could possibly be more excited about the season, Ms. Banazi comes out with this!  Gorgeous holiday tree designs available as a digital download make DIY greeting cards, gift tags, and wrapping paper even cooler.  Fifteen dollars gets you a set of 12 individual tree files, composed of textured silkscreened elements.  Totally worth it.

Holiday Trees Digital Download by Kate Banazi: $15


My Modern Christmas :: The Tree

Yay, it's done!  One of my favorite things in all the world is decorating our Christmas tree each year.  Coincidently, one of Brady's least favorite things in all the world is putting the lights on the tree.  Go figure.  This past weekend though, before we took off for Vegas, we got the tree all done.  I couldn't be more thrilled with how it turned out.  When it comes to Christmas trees, the sparklier the better I say.  And folks, this thing SPARKLES.  Like mad.

Normally we try to get Balsam Firs, which are super skinny and kind of funny looking.  (Last year's tree was a Balsam - see how skinny it is?  I love it.)  I prefer these kind because they really showcase the ornaments.  This year, though, we were unable to find Balsam Firs at any of the lots near us, so we went with a Fraser Fir.  It has a similar branch shape, but is much fuller.  Definitely different than we usually get, but I love the way it turned out!

So, what is your Christmas tree tradition?  Real?  Fake?  Also, if you have photos, please share the link in the comments.  I'd love to see your trees!

P.S.  Check out this roundup of 12 unconventional Christmas trees if you're looking for a creative alternative to the real thing!


At Home :: My Modern Christmas

Adventurers!  It's my favorite time of year: Christmas tree decoratin' time!  We picked out our tree last night, and I've got all our ornaments lined up and ready to go.  I'm super excited to start hanging all those glittery globes.  Once the tree is done, I'll be sure to post some photos!  In the meantime, the top of our piano is looking pretty festive, don't you think?  I can't wait to deck out the rest of the house, though!

As always, I love as much inspiration as I can find.  Do you have photos of your modern Christmas?  I'd love to see your decorations and holiday homes, so post a link in the comments!

Happy Friday!