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MAIYA :: I'm Back!

Adventurers!  I'm back from a weeklong excursion to Sun Valley, Idaho.  Brady and I headed up along with his parents, siblings, and all their kids - 17 people total.  It turned out to be quite a good time, full of relaxation (much needed) and loads of activities (perfectly balanced with previously mentioned relaxation).

Highlights include: riding a bike for the first time in 15 years (yes, I'm still sore), hiking through the woods and wild flowers of Bald Mountain (I've never seen so many different kinds all in one spot - I couldn't help but make a little bouquet!), reading and playing at Redfish Lake, getting my culture on at the outdoor symphony, and checking out some great artwork at the Sun Valley Arts & Crafts Festival.

My favorite part was definitely the arts festival.  There were quite a few talented artists present whose work I fell in love with instantly!  My faves were Cheryl Gail Toh (an abstract painter and mixed media artist) and Nick Wroblewski (a printmaker specializing in wood block prints).  Of course, I couldn't leave without getting a little something something from both!

But enough about my little vacation - what were some of your favorite adventures this summer?  Did you take any trips?  Climb any mountains?  Discover new artists?  Share your thoughts in the comments!


MAIYA at Home :: Progress!

As you know, we're a little slow when it comes to finishing projects around here. *ahem* BRANCH WALL *ahem* And, as you also know, we've slowly been chipping away at our guest room.  Well, I have news Adventurers!  Over the last few weeks we actually made progress and checked not one, but THREE things off of our wouldn't-it-be-nice-to-get-this-done-one-day list.  What did we accomplish, you ask?  We finally got rid of the boob lights in our bedroom and guest room!  (Yaaaay!)  A sexy ceiling fan went up in the master bedroom and a playful-yet-modern new light fixture was installed in the guest room.  I love them both!

We also finally, FINALLY decided on a color for the guest room and, about a month after buying the paint, tackled the whole thing in a few hours.  You can see the color pretty well in the photo above but, for those interested in details, it's Palladian Blue from Benjamin Moore.  I also scored some pretty rad sheets for the guest bed at an estate sale over the weekend:

I mean, what could be cooler than sheets that say "sheets"?!  Not much.  SO, with all this progress, where does that leave us with the guest room?  I've got my eye on the Facet Rug from Dwell Studio and possibly making my own DIY version of these Pom Pom curtains from Anthropologie.  Then, we'll hang the Palm Mobile from Wallter that I've been itching to put up for over a year (!!!) and after that, get some art up on those bare walls!  We're so, SO close...

The Details:

Fan - Altus Ceiling Fan by Modern Fan Co.

Light - Pop 2 Flushmount by EuroFase

Paint - Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore


MAIYA :: Illmatic

Adventurers!  I am feeling ill, ill, ILL... so no posts today.  Hoping to be back to normal tomorrow, but until then, you can check out my posts on Curbly and GrassrootsModern!

P.S. That image above??  Totally how I'm feeling right now.