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Rick Metzler :: Mixed Media

I love the explosive energy and use of color in Las Vegas-based artist Rick Metzler's mixed media pieces!  Hand to Jeebus, this is what I see every time I close me eyes.

LINK: www.coolcollected.com

Select 36x36" canvas prints of Rick's work are available right now on Fab.com for $95!

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Michel Keck :: Mixed Media + Collage

Oh, what's that?  Two of my favorite things in one??  Michel Keck, you shouldn't have!  (By the way, my new life goal is to commission a dog collage portrait of Wrigley--can you imagine?! Cute overload.)

LINK: www.michelkeck.com

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Brandi Strickland :: Mixed Media

I first posted about Brandi Strickland over 2 years ago, so a check-in with this fabulous artist was way overdue!  She's been hard at work creating these incredible mixed media pieces as well as running her online shop Paper Whistle.  I didn't think it was possible to love her work more than I already did, but IT IS.  It is possible, people!  Check out her portfolio and fall in love for yourself.

LINK: brandistrickland.com

More pics after the jump!

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