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At Home With MAIYA :: The Office Tour

If you've been wondering where all this blogging magic happens, you're in luck!  I've got a whole-home office tour up on Curbly today wherein I show you all my favorite blogging spots.  (Spoiler: I wander all over my home, basically.)  Check it out right here.


A Womb With a View :: Bedroom Update

Ha.  Get it?  Womb chair?  Womb with a view?  I'm so clever.  ANYWAY..

Since the last bedroom update, wherein I revealed a spontaneous paint project and a mood board of ideas, we've chipped away at making our space a little more cozy.  First up, I finally got my small collection of Kate Banazi prints framed (which I've had since 2008... so, again, RIGHT ON SCHEDULE).  They look freaking amazing.  Definitely a great thing to see first thing in the morning, rather than a blank wall or, heaven help me, a mirror.

And of course the focus of this post's horribly punny title, our Womb Chair, aka The Purple People Eater.  As I've been saying, it's not "real", but it's real pretty.  We got it for a steal from Modern Tomato during one of their random 50% off sales.  It's my new favorite spot, my blogging haven.  If it had an integrated toilet of some sort, I swear I would never leave its warm, wooly embrace.

So, our bedroom is finally starting to take shape after nearly 4 years of living here.  Just a few odds and ends, like a rug and better lighting, and I think we'll be set.  Huzzah!


Guest Room :: Round 3

The first time I mentioned a guest room was a year and half ago which, if you consider our other projects, means we're right on schedule!  I posted some ideas in August, but I've got a new mood board and, you guys, we've actually made progress.  Huzzah!

Progress, you say?  Yes, as in we pulled the trigger and ordered some stuff.  In fact, that bright orangey-red sofa arrived at our little abode yesterday (evidence here).  It is absolutely glorious.  The Santa-in-laws were also nice enough to gift us with the Twiggy Side Table and grey pouf from CB2 this Christmas.  See?  We're on our way.

The real star of this soon-to-be-realized guest room is this dandily detailed Danish modern dresser that I snagged last night in a very stressful ebay bidding experience.  If you follow me on Twitter, you know how I feel about ebay.  Never.  Again.  (Or at least not until I find something else I can't live without, like this.)

So, what else is on the list?  Wallpaper, paint, lighting of some sort, a rug, and various other odds and ends.  Hopefully we'll have some semblance of a finished room soon and when we do, you're all invited to be our guests!

On the mood board:

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