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Oh Dier :: Faceted Ring Boxes

My style twin Adrienne pinned these incredible ring boxes this morning and I loved them so, SO much, I simply had to track them down. Turns out, each box is made by hand from salvaged wood by one Mr. William Dohman aka Oh Dier. Aren't they rad??

I don't really have rings to store (other than my wedding ring, which seems to be permanently stuck on my finger... possibly due to the overzealous consumption of biscuits and gravy), but I do love tiny boxes and other interesting vessels... so, I may just have to get one. The only hard part, of course, is choosing which of the 15 colors I love best!

Faceted Ring Boxes by Oh Dier: $45

[via Anthology Mag]


Pippin Drysdale :: Modern Ceramics

Australian ceramicist Pippin Drysdale has been creating stunning porcelain vessels for the last 30 years.  This extensive experience is evident in her masterful and mesmerizing use of color, from the very bold to the nearly indistinguishably subtle.

Her "Kimberley" and "Tanami Traces" series have completely swept me away!  Can you imagine how stunning these must be in person?? Check out more of her work below.

LINK: www.pippindrysdale.com

More pics after the jump!

[via Mike McDowell]

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Modern Nesting Dolls :: Nushka

My fascination with nesting dolls started when I was a kid, after my brother spent a month in Russia and brought home a small suitcase-worth of intricately painted sets.  They instantly became cherished items and I've had a soft spot for matryoshka dolls of all types ever since.

These hand-painted nesting dolls from Australian designer Melissa Gardner offer a unique, modern twist that I simply adore!  From the super minimal white and wood Kiska Doll to the playful, mermaid-inspired Mjla set, I love each and every one.  (Another fave?  The gold and turquoise Jelena Doll, which happens to be the name of an old friend of mine. Yay!)  Check out more of Melissa's hand-crafted nesting dolls in her online shop Nushka!

LINK: www.nushkadolls.com

Psst: Love a good nesting doll, too?  You won't want to miss these colorful, geometric dolls either!

[Thanks to Sarah for sending these my way! Oh, but you know me too well.]