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NEW from Doca Pet

I first posted about Doca Pet in 2009 (has it really been that long?? Oh dear.), but they recently released a few new designs that are definitely worth mentioning!

First up is the Wire & Dine bowl, a raised feeding station made from powder-coated steel and available in four snappy colors: white, orange, grey, and green.  Depending on the size of your pooch, you can get this airy number in three sizes: small (5" high), medium (10" high), and large (15" high).

There is also the Smorgasboard, a faux bois-textured dish made from white resin.  These raised dishes are locally made in Chicago and available in small (8x8x3) or medium (10x10x4).

I've still got a serious crush on their original Dogleg Diner, but these new designs are pretty fantastic, not to mention unique.  It's hard to find decent pet bowls that look great and don't break the bank (their Y.Bowl is only $30)!  Check out all their available designs here.

LINK: www.docapet.com

P.S. They even have a new peanut butter-scented dog toy in the shape of an army man!

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